Aerobatic Displays

The spectacular aerial displays are a highlight of the Regatta, with military displays, Stan Tilley aerobatic display and static displays of helicopters.

Stan Tilley aerobatic display

Stan Tilley has been flying since 1968 and won Gold medals in Aerobatics, Formation Flying and Spot Landing in National competitions, also represented Australia. Stan is a regular performer at the Royal Hobart Regatta in his specially modified Australian made Victa Airtourer.

Stan Tilley

Participation of the RAAF Roulettes Fly Past, RAN Helo displays and Defence Force bands are all subject to the operational requirements of the Australian Defence Force from time to time.

The Roulettes - seen here at a recent Royal Hobart Regatta

Roulettes 2

roulettes 1


The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) maintains an elite formation aerobatic display team, known as “The Roulettes”, to showcase Air Force flying skills to the Australian public. Team members of The Roulettes are drawn from the flying instructors at the RAAF’s Central Flying School (CFS). The Roulettes currently fly the Pilatus PC9/A training aircraft, however the genesis of formation aerobatic teams at CFS dates back well before the introduction of the PC9/A.

In 1962, a team named “The Red Sales” was formed flying four de Havilland Vampire T33 aircraft. The Red Sales were first seen publicly at the Royal Hobart Regatta in February 1962, they also displayed at Wagga Wagga and at a School Of Air Navigation (SAN) course graduation at RAAF Base East Sale.

The Roulettes flew their first public display in December 1970 at RAAF Base Point Cook. The name ‘Roulettes’ has its origins from one of the early manoeuvres performed by the first team. Two Macchis flew in opposite directions round a horizontal circle and crossed in front of the crowd in a routine that was coined as the ‘Roulette’.

Navy Helicopter displays - wet winching

Wet winching