Concert - Sunday evening

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Australian Army Band Tasmania

Army Band

The Australian Army Band-Tasmania is an Army Reserve band whose role is to enhance the image of the Australian Army through community and military engagements.

In carrying out this role it provides musical support for Defence training, ceremonial occasions and Commonwealth, Royal and Vice-Regal ceremonial functions as well as participating in State ceremonial events, assists Defence Force recruiting, and regularly supports charitable organisations and public events of significance.

The Australian Army Band-Tasmania’s multi-talented musicians enables them to perform as a concert band, marching band, traditional big band, contemporary rock band, woodwind quintet, and fanfare team.

Navy Rock Band

Navy Band

The Tasmanian detachment of the Royal Australian Navy Band primarily performs as a rock group; but it also maintains a jazz ensemble and some limited ceremonial capability.

The detachment performs throughout Tasmania and assists other detachments for major events; including ship departure ceremonies, ship commissioning ceremonies, and Graduation Parades.

The detachment rehearses weekly at Anglesea Barracks in Hobart and is constantly looking for new musicians. If you are a musician who is interested in joining the Tasmanian detachment of the Royal Australian Navy Band or would like to find out more about the detachment and its performance schedule please contact the Bandmaster on 03 6237 7305.
Picture is a Navy Band contingent from Victoria.